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CNBC Plus review

CNBC Plus is a relatively new service from CNBC. The compelling reason to subscribe to this service is that you get access to over 30,000 videos. There are two sections: On Demand and Live streaming. The live streaming is pretty self-explanatory – you tune in to CNBC as if you’re using a TV. (click to [...]

PlayStation Eye Camera

I already have a web cam (a Logitech Communicate STX) but I’m shopping around for a good USB 2 web cam. I have tested Apple’s iSight and I was pleased with the results but I’m not ready to commit to Apple any time soon. I’ve been a long time Sony fan, when it comes to [...]

Podtech: Get your audio right

It’s a surprise to many vodcast filmmakers that audio is often more difficult to master than video. One reason is that video is pretty much WYSIWYG. Also, people are (somewhat) used to seeing poor-lit video on the web. Podtech is producing podcasts by the bucket load, yet they can’t get the right audio levels. Proof [...]

Yahoo buys Jumpcut

GigaOM published this recently. There weren’t a lot of comments because Jumpcut was just a few months old and a relative unknown in the video arena. (Youtube sucking all the free PR!) Here’s what Liz had to say: When I met Jumpcut earlier this summer, they had 11 employees, had raised $1 million in seed [...]

Numa Numa

Here’s another video phenomenon posted on Youtube (and Google Video). Goes straight to the top of my Best of user-generated content. One of the reasons I’m posting it is because it took O-zone’s hit (mostly in Europe though?) and transformed it into a DIY video marathon. All kinds of people did covers, some pretty elaborate [...]

Webcam for video production

This is a crazy idea to be sure. In a normal video production, the rule of thumb is that you shoot in the highest possible quality and THEN downgrade it in post. There’s little point to shoot with a webcam even if you have sequence that needs to LOOK like a webcam. My webcam is [...]

Webcams: USB 1.1 vs 2.0

Shopping for a webcam is tough. I have significant experience with video cameras and video production in general, so I’m quite capable of comparing 3 CDDs to 1 CCD to 1 CMOS; juggling CCD sizes, lens diameters and what not. Webcams are much simpler really. Their lenses are so small, it seems it ALL boils [...]