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Now that the Vidize is in beta, I plan to go over the list of recommended equipment. I start with the absolute must-have – a Web camera. A while back, there was a discussion about USB 1.1 vs USB 2.0 web cams. This discussion is mostly obsolete now as the majority of new web cameras [...]

Vidize Review

Nicolas Kayser-Bril has done a review of the Vidize beta (in French). You can read it here although if French isn’t your first language, you can read a loose translation from Google.

Intel’s 80-core prototype

Just a heads up on this (quantum?) leap in “multicore-ness”. Here’s the juice: Intel will demonstrate an experimental computer chip with 80 separate processing engines, or cores, that company executives say provides a model for commercial chips that will be used widely in standard desktop, laptop and server computers within five years. If you’re into [...]

Unified theory of UGC

I’ve been posting user-generated content on a regular basis here (be it Guy Kawasaki or Numa numa). The guys at BusinessLogs have come up with something of a “theory” to explain the value the end-user gets by contributing to a site. The question that’s being asked is: If you spend X units of time/creativity/effort do [...]

Streaming video growth

According to TechWeb, streaming video will grow by some 30-40% annually. Video streams increased by 50.2% in 2005 to 17.95 billion. This includes both free and subscription video streams. A few more points from Accustream’s executive summary on streaming media growth: Increased broadband connections (both cable modem and DSL) at the residential level Ongoing innovation [...]

DIY: Community

In my experience, most companies come out as very poor shepherds when it comes to communities. Case in point: I was reviewing Adobe’s live docs for Flash Media Server 2. There wasn’t a SINGLE comment on any of the docs I viewed. I’m not talking about a discussion, I’m talking about someone saying something. Guy [...]

Online ads growth at 30%

I just tuned in to the Closing Bell with Maria Bartiromo. The projections for online ad growth in 2006 were pretty solid – 30% overall growth (Merryl Lynch). In the last two years, there has been a surge in online spending by some “unlikely” advertisers. A study published a few days ago, reveals an impressive [...]

Webcams: USB 1.1 vs 2.0

Shopping for a webcam is tough. I have significant experience with video cameras and video production in general, so I’m quite capable of comparing 3 CDDs to 1 CCD to 1 CMOS; juggling CCD sizes, lens diameters and what not. Webcams are much simpler really. Their lenses are so small, it seems it ALL boils [...]

According to this press release, BBC has successfully concluded trials of their most deadly weapon – the integrated media player (a.k.a. BBC iMP). This traditional media killer was tested on 5,000 BBC viewers for four months (between November 2005 and February 2006). Some may find my irony a bit ill-fitting but according to an Independent [...]

User-generated content

Even before the term user-generated content became big in web 2.0, it ruled a niche in the computer game industry. Games like The Sims took the concept and ran with it. They were not alone as multiple expansions to popular games were created by users. Cases in point: Diablo’s Hellfire expansion and Counter Strike (based [...]