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Microsoft is amidst a mid-life crisis when it comes to identity. It takes a toll on Surface, which didn’t find the acceptance in business that everyone expected. So when something sells poorly (less than a million units), you slash the price. This is what Microsoft did and Windows tablets now start at just $349. Let’s […]

YouTube advertising ignores UGC

When Google introduced its ad model for YouTube, one could’ve expected that ads will show up in ALL cat-and-dog fighting videos (a.k.a. user-generated content or UGC). Instead, it appears that Google’s video ads will only show on videos supplied by the 3,000 professional content providers and 70 independent partner channels. This quote from TVWeek: Considering […]

This is a very informative video. Moderated by Guy Kawasaki.

Bootstrapping space flight

Apart from the obvious lesson (bootstrapping), Burt Rutan makes an amazing presentation on space flights, innovation cycles, commercialization of technology, and the superiority of private enterprise (to government). Update: Heavy Falcon take off – soundtrack is inspiring:

AdSesne video-in-video ads

Google has just announced at the AdSense blog that they have started a closed beta of AdSense for video. Previously, it was possible to get a video ad instead of an image ad (granted you have opted in for video). This one is different and is probably tied to Google’s acquisition of Youtube. It will […]

Adobe Media Player

Just as Microsoft launches Silverlight in an attempt to compete with Adobe’s Flash, Adobe strikes back. Adobe will be launching a desktop media player, which is called unsurprisingly, Adobe Media Player. The player will be able to play FLVs (flash video format) as well as a number of other video formats. The player has been […]

Apple iPhone

Although it’s too early to tell truth from fiction, it seems likely that Apple are working on a cell phone (dubbed iPhone by fans). Most of the rumors center around Apple’s strength to create a streamlined, easy-to-use gadgets (like the iPod). I am thinking about the difference it could create for video. Merging a video […]

Yahoo restructuring

I’m not a pundit or an expert for that matter. Looking at Yahoo’s unspectacular performance and Google’s rise to dominance, it makes sense they’ll be looking for change. They in this case is no other than Yahoo’s BoD. The big news is that Yahoo’s CFO, Susan Decker, gets promoted, while quite a few senior people […]

Marketing process tips

Taking a break from Gootube is hard. Last night, Conan O’Brien did a 15 minute gig on Youtube and it’s marriage to Google. Seth Godin posted top 10 list regarding the marketing process. I singled out three: Don’t run out of money. It always takes longer and costs more than you expect to spread your […]

Youtube Directors

Youtube has been offering “Director” accounts for some time now. The guys who sign up for them, have the the dubious benefit of having a director logo appear on their account. There’s no doubt some of these are REAL directors. The director logo, however, raises the bar somewhat in terms of expectations. I expect these […]