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Microsoft is amidst a mid-life crisis when it comes to identity. It takes a toll on Surface, which didn’t find the acceptance in business that everyone expected. So when something sells poorly (less than a million units), you slash the price. This is what Microsoft did and Windows tablets now start at just $349. Let’s […]

This is a very informative video. Moderated by Guy Kawasaki.

Steve Jobs day

Macworld starts today in San Francisco and the hype machine is churning all kinds of Apple news. Most of the speculation centers around two anticipated products, both dubbed with Apple’s signature “i” prefix: iTV and iPhone. The iTV is reportedly a digital video recording device and according to industry experts times more likely than the […]

CEO Talk: Joe Kraus

Google recently bought JotSpot, a wiki company offering hosted applications for SMBs. The interview comes courtesy of Scoble. The most important point he made was that the most important “revolutions in technology were do-it-yourself revolutions, i.e. when you give a non-technical person has the same ability that only a technical person has had historically…” One […]

Marketing process tips

Taking a break from Gootube is hard. Last night, Conan O’Brien did a 15 minute gig on Youtube and it’s marriage to Google. Seth Godin posted top 10 list regarding the marketing process. I singled out three: Don’t run out of money. It always takes longer and costs more than you expect to spread your […]

GoDaddy vlog

I’m a big fan of Bob Parsons. Last time, I posted about GoDaddy pulling its IPO filing. GoDaddy recently started offering video blogging for only a couple of bucks. They’ve always been about getting a great deal and this one is no different. A domain for 8 bucks and video hosting for 5 more (monthly). […]

GoDaddy pulls IPO filing

I love outspoken CEOs and Bob Parsons of GoDaddy (domain names, duh!) is one of my favorites. He speaks out on a subject that’s close to my heart – the notion that every successful company MUST do an IPO. Now, he’s not saying GoDaddy will never go for an IPO (they got their filing approved […]

Seth Godin on Luck

Seth Godin has a post about luck in which he gets away with claiming the LUCK plays a more and more important role in today’s marketing. Take the case of Levi Strauss & Co. This company was lucky, plain and simple. It makes a garment that was the clothing of choice for a generation of […]

Art of the Start Slides

I posted Guy Kawasaki’s Art of the Start video yesterday. Today I got the PDF with the slides he was going through. Download: Guy Kawasaki – Art of the Start Please note that his eleventh point is different in this presentation. At the TiECon, his eleventh point was about bozosities.

Guy Kawasaki did a book called Art of the Start. He posts about that in his blog as well. This time, however, he has a video out. Both instructional and entertaining. The speach was delivered at TiECon 2006. Another speaker was Arnold Schwarzenegger. Instead of his keynote, I urge you to watch his appearance on […]