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BBC newscasts

Recently, I upgraded to the latest generation plasma TV from Panasonic (probably last too). I found that BBC news is one of the last bastions of low-rez programming (720p). Yet, I’m still hooked to their news reports and the Business section with Sally Bundock. Content is King.

Now that the Vidize is in beta, I plan to go over the list of recommended equipment. I start with the absolute must-have – a Web camera. A while back, there was a discussion about USB 1.1 vs USB 2.0 web cams. This discussion is mostly obsolete now as the majority of new web cameras [...]

ITV has started blogging recently. You can find the individual blogs here. Here’s a sample of the video blogging from Afghanistan:

Poor video lighting isn’t something you can only find on the web. Amateur videos of all sorts suffer from its effects. I wrote a little article on three-point lighting at the Wikipedia that describes the most basic lighting setup. The three point lighting setup may be simple but it’s useful in 80% of cases – [...]

BBC’s Huge Archive plans

This is a follow up to BBC’s Ashley Highfield (he’s BBC Director for New Media) plan to move BBC beyond traditional media. We’ve started using SharePoint with Jabber for real-time comms to store and manage documents. We even got people asking how we did it! The BBC has more than one million hours of video [...]

“The killer of dissident reporter Anna Politkovskaya is known to Russian authorities but has not yet been charged…”. That’s the statement of the chief investigator on the case that appeared in an interview on Monday. Here’s a bit more from Reuters: “We have so far not charged the killer but we know who he is,” [...]

Microsoft is amidst a mid-life crisis when it comes to identity. It takes a toll on Surface, which didn’t find the acceptance in business that everyone expected. So when something sells poorly (less than a million units), you slash the price. This is what Microsoft did and Windows tablets now start at just $349. Let’s [...]

Ira Glass on Storytelling

Ira Glass is creator, host and executive producer of This American Life. Here’s a segment of his interview where he talks about the common pitfalls when doing a talk show for broadcast. Update: You can view more videos on storytelling at

Great video with Youtube

Here’s a few tips from Cinetech on how to get better results from Youtube’s encoder. 1. Learn to shoot better quality videos for the Web. 2. Your source video needs to be ideally high resolution. For instance: MOV or AVI file, NTSC 720×480 or VGA 640×480. 3. You need to get a high quality video [...]

I just stumbled upon an article marking the 75th anniversary of the BBC. About one third of it is based on Jeffrey Sachs’ Reith Lectures. Here’s a few important points: A terrorist shot in Sarajevo provided the pretext for German aggression which started World War I. 9/11 was used by the Bush Administration to launch [...]