Youtube playlist’s half-life

Marilyn Manson vs YoutubeMarc Cuban recently explained how making playlists in Youtube and then downloading them rivals Apple’s iTunes model for music and video downloads.

He’s right of course. I’ve done a few playlists myself with the same goal in mind. What was my surprise when I came back to one of these playlists 2 weeks later.

The playlist consisted of four songs by Marilyn Manson. That’s it. The first one played OK and then it hit the second one. No luck there – video removed. Same thing with the next and then next…

It turns out, my playlist lost an amazing 75% of tracks in a two-week period. So it’s either Gootube has stepped up their cleaning a hundred times, or they hate Marilyn Manson in particular.

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  1. 1 utube buggin me

    How about the problem of videos coming & going on their own in the playlist!
    Here’s what happens:
    I go to the playlist page. Only one video is listed as being in the first playlist. I know that’s not right. I then refresh 3 or 4 times & they all show up. I can click on that playlist & the videos will still not be there. I then refresh several times & they show up. I then go in & rearrange them or remove the duplicates I added because they were not showing up. I hit enter & the screen refreshes & then the videos are not showing up in the playlists ONCE AGAIN. I can go into another playlist & do the same thing with the same result. Then go back out to the main playlist screen, refresh again & I will still see the wrong numbers for the playlists.

    I did this a couple of weeks ago & again tonight. I wrote to uTube the first time this happened & have not reveived a response. I just wrote to them again. I am wondering why I am not seeing anything about this bug on the internet. Or am I the only one ithat this is happening to?

  2. 2 zootius

    I am having that same issue and have contacted YouTube about it. Looks like the sort of problem you get when a load-balanced server farm has database synchronization issues.

  3. 3 hjok

    Oh, i’m not alone. I have the same problems also with the favorites functions.

  4. 4 Blizzard

    This is because playlists attract more traffic and publicity to the particular link which probably then shows up on their flag radar more easily, its all about the amount of attention something gets not the particular content

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