Youtube – told you so

I’m not sure who first reported the rumors – I got them from TechCrunch. You gotta love the word “unsubstantiated” in the headline. Rumors could be unsubstantiated and true, both at the same time.

Marc CubanGoogle bought Youtube for a figure pretty much in line with what the rumor said – $1.65B. The investors (Sequoia Capital) who covered their bandwith bill (about 11.5M) get out of the deal like thieves.

So despite Marc Cuban thinking that Google is crazy, some people just got richer.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that all the copyright content will disappear from Youtube over night. If I were Google, however, I’d see it as a tough choice:

A) You face hundreds of copyright suits; or
B) you remove all offending content (someway) and you get a site like with mediocre content.

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  1. 1 Maria

    I think that’s a good move by Google to buy Youtube. Althought it’s a lot of money, but video advertising is the big thing they are after!!

  1. 1 Youtube Greatest Hits at

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