Youtube Greatest Hits

Youtube operaThe New York Times has grown to embrace Youtube’s ascent.

They just came out with an article about Youtube’s Greates Hits.

Charles Isherwood goes ahead and posts a dozen Youtube videos that demonstrate its high class.

Until recently I had assumed that the “you” in YouTube referred to anybody but me, maybe everybody but me. Like who? College kids with a compulsive need to procrastinate. Media-obsessives anxious to keep track of the hot new joke or political gaffe. Exhibitionists and their friends. Lovers of humiliation comedy. People with an excessive fondness for the cute antics of their pets.

Certainly, this freakish and freakishly large video archive offers plenty of material to sate the appetites of those constituencies. But it also offers a dizzying array of material for addicts of what, for lack of more egalitarian term, I’ll call high culture. Or high-ish culture: I’m talking not just about opera and dance, but also that often derided but enduring enterprise called the Broadway musical…

Unfortunately, Youtube playlists decay pretty quickly, so most of this high culture has already been removed. The text remains though: