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Youtube DirectorYoutube has been offeringDirector” accounts for some time now. The guys who sign up for them, have the the dubious benefit of having a director logo appear on their account.

Youtube DirectorThere’s no doubt some of these are REAL directors. The director logo, however, raises the bar somewhat in terms of expectations. I expect these are people who have something to say or at the very least have a basic understanding of how to shoot video.

The guy on the right, does a few thing wrong (no pun intended). His composition is off – his head exits the frame. The exposure is so-so. Worst of all, as he was moving (not obvious on the screen cap), his shadow was moving on the background as well. He should’ve left more space between him and the background, or even better, used a background light.

I do understand the caveats of user-generated content. As Will Wright of The Sims put it: “We knew 95% of the creations will be junk.”

At the same time, I don’t think it’s that hard to keep your head in the frame. Learning about four-point lighting isn’t that hard either.

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  1. 1 beef

    I think what your saying is absolute rubbish? Since when has been a director meant that Composition or lighting should be like something out of a hollywood film. Director means that the video had its direction from whoever it concerns. You have clearly not watched any art house films or any amatuer stuff where such factors take a back seat otherwise you wouldnt have made a comment full of such idiocy.

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