Vidize meaningI ran into an article recently (at Slate) that went at great length about the efforts of an advertising man. His quest was simple. Get the word concept into Merriam-Webster’s¬†dictionary.

One would think the word concept already exists. Not so. It exists ONLY as a noun. It’s real potential, however, lies in using concept as a verb. As in … I’ve concepted this blog while watching TV.

Getting vidize into a dictionary will admittedly be even more difficult. It doesn’t exist as a noun, the verb isn’t polished yet. On top of that, it’s common knowledge that verbs that end in -ize are … ugly (for lack of a better word). Listen to Slate:

…many people today take umbrage at verbs that end in -ize, such as incentivize or prioritize. But such aesthetic objections are arbitrary; in the 19th century, critics railed against demoralize, deputize, and Americanize, words in which -ize now goes unnoticed.

Patience is key. In a hundred years or so, vidizing will be as popular as say … prioritizing. That’s not bad. I’m willing to wait granted we witness great advances in the field of cryogeny.

I’ll be coming back to this post every three months¬†and fine-tuning what vidize means. Right now, it’s a tabula rasa and that’s looks both exciting and promising. Feel free to disagree in the comments section below.

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