The Ed Wood in me

Ed Wood - Plan 9 from Outer SpaceI just caught Tim Burton’s Ed Wood on TV. This took me back to my college days when I first saw it. I remember that my buddies and me would go into spontaneous Bela Lugosi improvisations: “I vill create a race of atomic supermen who vill rule the Vorld!”

Looking at it now, I can’t help but think about Ed Wood’s passion for filmmaking and juxtopose it with his claim to fame – The Worst Director of All Time.

How do you explain Ed Wood’s failure? Was it the studio system which put indies at a serious disadvantage? Did he love fimmaking so much, he would make any compromise in order to shoot one? Or maybe, he simply lacked talent.

As a society, we have tremendous respect for enthusiasm and the positive attitude. As individuals, we’re encouraged to be like that.

Enter Ed Wood. That’s food for thought. Especially, when everyone is so positive about new stuff … like web 2.0. Some of us will, without a doubt, enter the Worst … Whatever of All Time Hall of Fame.

So what’s your BIG idea? What’s your Plan 9 from Outer Space? Can you wait 50 years for your product to become a cult classic?