Streaming video growth

According to TechWeb, streaming video will grow by some 30-40% annually. Video streams increased by 50.2% in 2005 to 17.95 billion. This includes both free and subscription video streams.

A few more points from Accustream’s executive summary on streaming media growth:

  • Increased broadband connections (both cable modem and DSL) at the residential level
  • Ongoing innovation at the application level, particularly media players that queue up files for auto-play
  • Video streams are forecast to grow by 32% in 2006 to over 23 billion served
    Video streams are currently forecast to grow by another 26% to over 29 billion served in 2007
  • Broadband streams (100 Kbps and above) made up 84.9% of total streams served in 2005
  • Narrowband video streams made up 15.1% of total streams served, compared to 20.7% in 2004
  • Music videos once again commanded the largest share of streaming video usage online in 2005, capturing 45.6% of total views
  • Aggregate tuning hours (ATH) for the top ten Internet music radio sites and networks rose by 43.8% in 2005 per month, to 257.3 million hours

I’ve steered clear of the 2010 projections because they are dependent on too many factors – like broadband penetration and network neutrality, to mention a few.