Gay rights in Russia

russia gay rightsYou might be surprised to hear what happens to gay rights activists in Moscow. I’m not … I’ve been there (Moscow), seen that.

Thirty-one people were arrested during the peaceful demonstration by the police. At the same time, the police stood aside while right-wing and Orthodox activists took the chance the exercise their “right” to violent protest by hitting many of the activists.

Here’s the news blurp, you can view the video here.

Police detained gay rights activists, among them European lawmakers, as they tried to present a letter to Moscow’s mayor yesterday in a demonstration that also attracted a hostile crowd of people who punched and threw eggs at the activists.

Police quickly grabbed about a dozen activists and forced them into a bus, including Russian gay rights movement leader Nikolai Alexeyev.

Marco Cappato, a European Parliament deputy from Italy, was kicked by one opponent as he spoke to journalists. Cappato began shouting “Where are the police? Why don’t you protect us?” and officers hauled him away as he struggled.

So let’s recap Putin’s priorities when it comes to free speech and human rights:

1) Journalists
2) Ex-spies
3) Gays

There was a recent study on how the price of petrol influences certain countries to become more/less authoritarian. Following this logic, if the price of petrol hits $100, Russia will probably become more authoritarian than the Soviet Union during the Cold War (if at all possible).

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