Mentos + Coke videos

This is a new phenomenon that you can observer in all of its (un)scientific glory at YouTube or Google Video. It appears that when you mix Mentos with diet Coke you get a geyser.

What was the brand manager’s reaction? “It’s an entertaining phenomenon … [but] doesn’t fit with the brand personality of Diet Coke”… Indeed.

The reason I chose this specific video is because of Steve Ballmer’s Developers remix. There’s a ton of others – DIY “how to mix mentos and coke” videos.

5 Responses to “Mentos + Coke videos”

  1. 1 emz

    where is the video?

  2. 2 krasimir

    There SHOULD be a Flash player with the video. If you don’t see it, you probably need to download the Flash plugin from Adobe:

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