Marketing process tips

Taking a break from Gootube is hard. Last night, Conan O’Brien did a 15 minute gig on Youtube and it’s marriage to Google.

Seth Godin posted top 10 list regarding the marketing process. I singled out three:

  1. Don’t run out of money. It always takes longer and costs more than you expect to spread your idea. You can budget for it or you can fail.
  2. Focusing obsessively on one niche, one feature and one market is almost always a better idea than trying to satisfy everyone.
  3. Test, measure and optimize. Figure out what’s working and do it more.

The rest are worth reading as well but I like these three in partucular. Especially, since we’re talking about a process. Ordering them like that makes everything seem as easy as 1-2-3 (or A-B-C if you’re a Jackson’s fan!).

Oh, yes, don’t forget to grab Seth’s wonderful Bootstrapping Bible.