iTunes vs. Gootubes

Steve JobsJust a month ago, an Apple-Youtube thing would’ve been a David-Goliath battle. I even doubt the two would even meet. But now that Google bought Youtube, it’s a whole different ball game (just ask Marc Cuban).

The conflict lies in the fact that while Apple is charging 1.99 for each music video you download, Youtube lets you do it for free. On top of that, Google struck a deal with three major music labels which basically makes nearly ALL youtube videos as legal as prostitution in Amsterdam. Here’s what Marc is pondering:

So we could have an interesting year of watching Apple to see if this change in where music is discovered impacts their competitive situation. Watching the labels to see how much they can get paid for licensing their catalogues. Will it be 15mm plus ad share per year or get sued ? What will other content providers who didnt get their 15mm think ? Will they sue to prove a point that you cant leave them out ? Will Google just write checks or give stock to the entire universe?

While we’re waiting, I recommend visiting a hilarious blog done by someone pretending to be Steve Jobs.

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