GoDaddy pulls IPO filing

Bob Parsons CEO of GoDaddyI love outspoken CEOs and Bob Parsons of GoDaddy (domain names, duh!) is one of my favorites.

He speaks out on a subject that’s close to my heart – the notion that every successful company MUST do an IPO. Now, he’s not saying GoDaddy will never go for an IPO (they got their filing approved by the SEC). He does say if the market conditions aren’t right, he’s in no hurry to take the company public.

With 14 million in cash this quarter alone, he could bide his time. I hope GoDaddy gets the recognition it deserves. I’ve been their customer for the last 5 years and I’m hosting over 50 domains with them. Their bringing down of the price of domains allowed me to buy 10 times more domains that I could buy in 1997.

Another thing I was wondering about GoDaddy is whether all their programmers and service personnel are in US. It’s probably a moot point but I’ll be surprised if they are not outsourcing at least part of their operations. Bob’s previously company allegedly employed over a thousand people, it’s interesting to see if things have changed since then.

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