God Save the Queen

Sex PistolsThe Queen turns 80 today (UK’s head of state, duh!) . The first association that I have doesn’t have to do with the Queen at all. It doesn’t have to do with Freddie Mercury’s Queen either.

It is music-related, so if you’ve put your money on ”Freddie”, you were somewhat close. My first association was Sex PistolsGod Save the Queen.

There’s definitely some irony that the Queen has already outlived Sid Vicious (the guy on the left). So much for anarchism vs. establishment.

The establishment won! No one can beat Sex Pistols for stupid-looking videos though.

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  1. 1 Jimi

    Nice video, it’s a shame the person who wrote the short, uniformative ‘article’ hadn’t a clue what they were writing about. It will also be interesting to see, when ‘lizzy windsor’ is dead, who people care about more: Sid, or Liz. Personally, my money’s on Mr.Vicous, and if you ask someone of intelligence, they will inform you how much more the Sex Pistols acheived in 2 years than how much Mrs Windsor has in a lifetime.

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