Flash Player Update 3

I’ve recently subscribed to Fabio’s blog and I’m not disappointed. Fabio’s keeping me up-to-date on all things Flash.

It looks like the Flash player just got a boost in the video deparment. Here’s the feature list (from Fabio):

  • Multi-threaded video decoding. The VP6 video decoding will now be performed in a separate thread if a multi-core system is detected while the main thread does rendering and post processing of the video. 1080p video decoding is now possible on dual core machines.
  • Full screen video decoding will leverage hardware scaling. Wonderful! why to scale a 640×480 video to 1280×1024 using the main processor when all the computer video cards today have video scaling technology? I think this is really a must for the definitive consacration of Flash Video Technology. I’ll post as soon as possible a test of this feature.
  • VBL in fullscreen. The player is now capable to syncronize the rendering in fullscreen to the “vertical blank” for a smooth playback of flash movies.
  • Automatic Mipmap for scaled videos and picture. Optimal for video thumbs
  • Faster Vp6 entropy decoding and improved deblocking filter.

I think some competitive pressure from Microsoft’s Silverlight is more then welcome!

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