End to the writer’s strike?

According to Associated Press (as of a few hours ago):

Hollywood directors (DGA) reached a tentative contract deal Thursday with studios, a development that could turn up the pressure on striking writers to settle their 2-month-old walkout that has crippled the entertainment industry.

“Two words describe this agreement — groundbreaking and substantial,” said Gil Cates, chair of the Directors Guild of America’s negotiations committee. “There are no rollbacks of any kind.”

Is this a signal that the writer’s strike is going to end any time soon?

“This deal was strongly influenced by the writers strike,” said Jonathan Handel, an entertainment lawyer in Los Angeles and a former counsel to the writers guild. “It shows all the earmarks of the improvements the writers were looking for — but it doesn’t achieve them by any means.”

The WGA issued a statement that they will review the terms that the directors got and that they’re ready to return to the negotiating table.