BBC lay offs delayed

BBC lay offsWhen the BBC announced they’ll cut their 1,800 of their workforce, they probably expected the unions to strike back. They did – as Guardian reports – with a threat for a strike unless BBC talk to them first.

As a result, BBC will delay the lay offs with two weeks (i.e. till November 5) while they talk to the unions:

The unions welcomed the move, saying it was enough to halt the march towards strike action.

“We are pleased the BBC has stepped back from the brink and agreed to union calls for meaningful talks to take place at a national level,” the NUJ general secretary, Jeremy Dear, said.

This comes only a day after BBC director general Mark Thompson confirmed that there will be 1,800 redundancies. This move is part of a six-year cost-saving program aimed at plugging the estimated £2bn funding gap (approved by the BBC Trust).

If news is what you’re interested in (that’s where my exposure to BBC ends), you migh feel the difference pretty soon. The London-based news division will be one of the hardest hit with between 475 and 490 post closures, resulting in between 350 and 370 redundancies.