Apple TV vs indie producers

Apple TVAs Apple TVs hit the street in number, there’s a lot of speculation about the marriage of the iTunes library to your HD TV.

Om Malik muses about the future for indie producers. It’s not Om’s sole opinion though, he’s quoting “industry experts attending the New Video Summit in San Jose, California.”

A nice quote from Jonathan Hoopes, an analyst with investment firm ThinkEquity:

As a digital media content delivery vehicle positioned in users’ living rooms, we think the AppleTV/iTunes combination could become as disruptive to legacy video purchase-and-consumption behavior as the iPod/iTunes combination has been to the traditional music business model.

I’m not so sure about the disruptive power though. Google Video was touted as a marketplace for indie producers when it first launched.

Waterborne was the first full-length movie to make a Gootube debut foregoing a more lucrative (but conventional) distributing offer. The result has been lackluster at best (read, it’s been a complete failure).

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