Adobe slashes price on FMS

Finally, Adobe has realized that the high price of the Flash Media Server was hindering its more wide adoption. I hope the open source alternative, Red 5, will still keep its momentum.

Here’s the summary:

The latest version of Flash Media Sever, which will ship in January 2008, will be come in three versions, ranging from free to $4,500 — a price drop of 90%.

The Flash Media Interactive Server 3, the most expensive of the offerings, will provide more scalability and a robust new plugin architecture that its lower priced counterparts don’t offer. But for single server deployments, the $995 Flash Media Streaming Server, should be sufficient and could be attractive for smaller media publishers. Adobe will also offer a developer version for free that supports up to 10 concurrent users.

Since most publishers will only use the streaming features, the price drop is quite significant. Previously, multiple licenses ($4,500) were required just to stream to more than 200 users.