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PlayStation Eye Camera

I already have a web cam (a Logitech Communicate STX) but I’m shopping around for a good USB 2 web cam. I have tested Apple’s iSight and I was pleased with the results but I’m not ready to commit to Apple any time soon. I’ve been a long time Sony fan, when it comes to [...]

BBC’s Huge Archive plans

This is a follow up to BBC’s Ashley Highfield (he’s BBC Director for New Media) plan to move BBC beyond traditional media. The BBC has more than one million hours of video and audio plus supporting notes and scripts. The archive trial—closed to 20,000 consumers—will launch in May and is expected to last up to [...]

Microsoft launches Silverlight

In an attempt to dislodge Adobe’s Flash from its dominant position, Microsoft has launched Silverlight, a cross-browser, cross-platform plugin. Adobe claims Flash has a 97% penetration, with the latest version (v.9) climbing to 80%+. This from the horse’s mouth: Based on the Microsoft .NET Framework, Silverlight enables developers and designers to use existing skills and [...]

This rant has been triggered by a post at TechCrunch, which describes’s brand transformation. In short, bought and in the process decided to re-evaluate their product, brand, etc. According to their CEO, they asked themselves the question: “What do you do when your success … sucks?“. So what changed? According to USA [...]