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iTunes vs. Gootubes

Just a month ago, an Apple-Youtube thing would’ve been a David-Goliath battle. I even doubt the two would even meet. But now that Google bought Youtube, it’s a whole different ball game (just ask Marc Cuban). The conflict lies in the fact that while Apple is charging 1.99 for each music video you download, Youtube [...]

Taking a break from Gootube is hard. Last night, Conan O’Brien did a 15 minute gig on Youtube and it’s marriage to Google. Seth Godin posted top 10 list regarding the marketing process. I singled out three: Don’t run out of money. It always takes longer and costs more than you expect to spread your [...]

Hail Gootube

All hail the new caesar of video sharing – Gootube. Gizmodo did a pretty good job of coming up with a name of the merger between Google Video and Youtube. They even went so far as to create a logo. I love it.

Youtube – told you so

I’m not sure who first reported the rumors – I got them from TechCrunch. You gotta love the word “unsubstantiated” in the headline. Rumors could be unsubstantiated and true, both at the same time. Google bought Youtube for a figure pretty much in line with what the rumor said – $1.65B. The investors (Sequoia Capital) [...]

Dead journalists

Anna Politkovskaya, an award-winning Russian journalist, was gunned down in the elevator going to her Moscow flat. Her criticism of Putin’s war on Chechnya made her few friends at high places. I came back from Moscow a week ago. Frankly, I didn’t see much change since the totalitarian times. I was especially struck when I [...]

GoDaddy vlog

I’m a big fan of Bob Parsons. Last time, I posted about GoDaddy pulling its IPO filing. GoDaddy recently started offering video blogging for only a couple of bucks. They’ve always been about getting a great deal and this one is no different. A domain for 8 bucks and video hosting for 5 more (monthly). [...]

Google buys Youtube?

Yahoo bought Jumpcut, it makes sense that Google want to expand further in that space as well. They recently put video on their homepage to promote their Google Video service. Traffic stats indicate it lags far behind Youtube (source: Hitwise). Now, TechCrunch posts that there are rumors that Google’s going to acquire Youtube. The Wall [...]

Yahoo buys Jumpcut

GigaOM published this recently. There weren’t a lot of comments because Jumpcut was just a few months old and a relative unknown in the video arena. (Youtube sucking all the free PR!) Here’s what Liz had to say: When I met Jumpcut earlier this summer, they had 11 employees, had raised $1 million in seed [...]

Youtube – DIY Shows

Most of the shows by Youtube directors are boring, I’d be the first one to admit it. I’ve watched the first episodes of Ask a Ninja last year and most of them were only mildly entertaining. I recently came back and saw one of the new ones – Minjas. Actually, this show was kind of [...]