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Youtube going down?

Marc Cuban has lashed against Youtube, saying in essence their popularity is a result of: free hosting for all; and copyrighted content avalable for free. I agree their business model is still not entirely clear, i.e. not clear how they gonna monetize all this traffic. Some have raised the argument that MySpace was in a […]

Citizen journalism

My last post dealt with user-generated content (UGC). Now, another favorite subject of mine – citizen journalism. I do have a degree in Journalism so someone might consider me a professional, ergo, no citizen journalist. A recent article on the subject however defined citizen journalism like this: The intent of this participation is to provide […]

Unified theory of UGC

I’ve been posting user-generated content on a regular basis here (be it Guy Kawasaki or Numa numa). The guys at BusinessLogs have come up with something of a “theory” to explain the value the end-user gets by contributing to a site. The question that’s being asked is: If you spend X units of time/creativity/effort do […]

Marissa Mayer on Google TV

I’ve been meaning to post a photo of Marissa Mayer for a long time and now I have something of an occasion. She recently addressed a crowd of angry TV execs: “We’re computer scientists,” she said. “We’re not brilliant storytellers or content creators.” Wow. I bet she’ll regret it a few years down the line. […]