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Webcams: USB 1.1 vs 2.0

Shopping for a webcam is tough. I have significant experience with video cameras and video production in general, so I’m quite capable of comparing 3 CDDs to 1 CCD to 1 CMOS; juggling CCD sizes, lens diameters and what not. Webcams are much simpler really. Their lenses are so small, it seems it ALL boils [...]

According to this press release, BBC has successfully concluded trials of their most deadly weapon – the integrated media player (a.k.a. BBC iMP). This traditional media killer was tested on 5,000 BBC viewers for four months (between November 2005 and February 2006). Some may find my irony a bit ill-fitting but according to an Independent [...]

I almost gave up on Google. I thought they were going to tie the launch of their video ads to Google Video. It’s common sense that you show video ads on a video site. This isn’t to say that video ads should only be shown on video sites but that’s been the norm so far. [...]

User-generated content

Even before the term user-generated content became big in web 2.0, it ruled a niche in the computer game industry. Games like The Sims took the concept and ran with it. They were not alone as multiple expansions to popular games were created by users. Cases in point: Diablo’s Hellfire expansion and Counter Strike (based [...]

The 1% rule

I’ve been trying to incentivize people to use the company Wiki. A new post puts it into perspective. It would appear that less than 1% of people actually contribute in an democratized community. Out of the millions of visitors to the Wikipedia in June 2005, only 68,682 actually clicked the edit button and contributed in [...]

The two-tier Internet

A flurry of articles and posts has been launched at telco’s efforts to create a two-tier Internet. Back in the day when ISPs simply offered a connection to the Internet, this was a non-issue. It would’ve been a commercial suicide for an ISP to say: “Look, we’re going to block Yahoo! until they pay us [...]

Broadband penetration hits 70%

Based on recent figures (April 2006), the broadband penetration in the USA has reached 70% among active internet users. This represents a bit over 1% increase per month. Canada is still ahead although the gap is closing. Currently, about 76% of Canadians have a broadband connection at home. Korea is still in the lead when [...]

I ran into an article recently (at Slate) that went at great length about the efforts of an advertising man. His quest was simple. Get the word concept into Merriam-Webster’s dictionary. One would think the word concept already exists. Not so. It exists ONLY as a noun. It’s real potential, however, lies in using concept as [...]